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It sounds strange when I say it, but I think I might be enjoying the new Metal Gear Solid more than TUT is. I’m not basing this off of how much money I threw at Gamestop to get a collector’s edition, or how many times I catch myself instinctively trying to fulton every cargo crate I see in any other game compared to how often he does that. Rather, I got way, way further in the game during a binge play last week than he did. He’s been trying to catch up for a few days now, and it’s incredibly hard not to have a talk with him about the game without just spouting out all of the spoilers I know.


As of right now, for all one of you named Steve who are wondering (‘ey! Steve!), right now I’m looking at putting out the review after MGO comes out. That way, I have time to finish the game amidst coursework, and I can get a better grasp on how painfully bad they nickel and dime you for multiplayer is going to be—thereby, hopefully, giving me a more complete “review.”

As a side-note, I’m still avoiding games media sites. I went to Kotaku today and saw they spoiled the tone of the ending. I promptly remembered why I stopped going to Kotaku and left.

Anyway, as a result of waiting for good company to have discussions on the game with, I’ve swapped over to Destiny for my study break game. The new expansion is pretty great, and there aren’t nearly as many crates for me to want to pick up. Except in the Cosmodrome. But nobody goes to the Cosmodrome anymore.

All of this is leading up to the simple fact that I am horribly, horribly burned out on coursework. Like, positively fried. I don’t know what the heck I did with all of those time management skills I had for the last few years, but I sure screwed something up. Anyway, sorry for not being around more. Doubly sorry, actually, since Nach just agreed to take over Wednesdays indefinitely for me, so you’ll see me even less. Yay. We had a good run, guys.


But yeah, it’s actually getting to the point where my free time barely feels like free time anymore—it’s weird. Maybe I need some work detox or something. Hopefully Fall Break will be enough. Or just whenever I get past this stupidly large amount of projects.

Work stressing you out? School teachers/profs making you want to punt a small, furry animal? Feel free to vent about it down below. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday Graveyard Shift is now open!


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