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First things first:

How's everyone been? ^^ Been a while, huh? Honestly, I think there's so much to talk about with catching up, that I shouldn't even bother having a topic to talk about >.> BUT, here goes~

Once upon a time, there was a naive and young TUT, who thought his family could have a civilized evening of bonding time over a game of Risk, without having to resort to everyone going to their respective rooms and taking their anger out on a pillow, and then passive-aggressively make digs at each other for the subsequent week or so. Ah . . . the good ol' days . . haha, nah, I never actually got to play Risk, ever ^^; I wanted to, but unfortunately, the ship had sailed long ago. For my father had already possessed this deep resentment towards the game after something that happened long ago between his own group of friends. And thus, poor Tuttles was deprived of a Risky childhood.

But still, it's kinda funny how there's specific things you just can't do with a person no matter how well you know 'em :I I've never actually had arguments come up due to Mario Party, Monopoly or Mario Kart (Why is it always Ninty stuff?). But just the other day, I got into a pretty intense argument with my best friend over whether or not Man Must Die's recent album had breakdowns or not (Hint: It does. He's just an idiot. Ah . . . friendship <3). Obviously, there's politics and religion, and I guess sports and games. Although the latter can always be solved with a good bet and the respective legal process that follows. What do you think, TAY? =3