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The Graveyard Shift: Funeral for a Friend

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Gather around, one and all, as we mourn the loss of a true movie icon. A loss that affected each of us who was there to witness it. A loss so powerful, one member of Movie Night was unable to keep watching, it affected them so.


Join us, as the Movie Night crew mourns the loss of Bird.

Of all the characters in the movie Deep Blue Sea, Bird was definitely the best. In a movie filled with the dumbest scientists known to man, magic shark wranglers capable of underwater gymnastics, and holy chefs, Bird was the only character who made any sense whatsoever. His shrill cry of ‘FatButt!’ brought smiles to our faces. His loss left us without a character we didn’t want to see the shart smarks eat. The movie was truly worse for his passing.

A moment of silence for our lost friend.

The topic will be left open tonight, so you may discuss the loss of such an iconic character, or completely ignore this ( you heartless bastard!) and discuss anything you’d like in the comments below. This has been your Friday night Cryptkeeper, letting you know you have a ‘big, fat butt’.

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