I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Let's talk about mundane minigames. You know, stuff you can do in daily life that you can also do in some games. Like . . . Biking in GTA, or any game where you can play Golf, or how about TLoZ's fishing. That kind of stuff, yea . . . This sorta came to my mind earlier because I was working on cleaning up my pool. Had to sweep around it, skim it, vacuum it, chlorine it . . . Fun stuff. And I thought "Wow . . . Chores are like the forced mini-games of life . . :I". SO, that's what we're talking about today . . . Random household activities that you can easily see as mini games, and why.

Or you could just . . . not talk about it and join Game Night, or maybe update your point log, or TAYlendar, or you could just Talk Amongst Yourselves~

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