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Tonight’s Topic: Definitely Not a New Year’s Resolution, Because Those Are Stupid

Have you ever had one of those days where you were like, “This ... thing I have going on here? Not working so out so great!” Maybe you want to eat better or get in shape. Perhaps you want to leave a job that you hate or go finish that abandoned degree. Maybe you recognize some self-destructive behaviors or poor stress-management strategies and acknowledge that there is much room for improvement. Or maybe you just go full-on cheese and spring out of bed one morning with a sudden resolve to “Live Your Best Life/Live Life to the Fullest/Dance Like Nobody’s Watching/something equally cliché.”


So tell me, have you ever resolved to change your life in some significant way? Did you make it happen, or did you lose interest? If you succeeded, what was your strategy for tackling the issue?

Not interested in self-improvement? Cool, cool. I can only assume you’ve got it all figured out, in which case TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. Either way, the Graveyard Shift is now in session!

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