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The Graveyard Shift- Giganto Cappuccino Edition

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Alright, so . . . I caved again. I've been sorta trying to save those last few episodes of WataMote for some other time, but . . . I wasn't strong enough. Which is why the title image is what it is, and so on. *sigh* Boy am I sad about this :I I really hope they have another season coming up . . . Anyways, I guess this is a good opportunity to talk about things that ended, and then . . . Just ended. I mean, sequels get a bit of a bad rep, but sometimes having two of something is nice, right? It can be about games, anime, movies, TV shows, or even consumer goods and products . . . I think those suck the worst. I mean, once you get used to something, and then it's suddenly discontinued, or the quality gets cut down? What are you supposed to do then? It's just . . . stopped. Ceased to exist. Forever. They didn't even bother to say goodbye or anything. It sucks when they stop replying to your texts or just simply pick up and move overseas. I mean, that's pretty messed up, right? . . . And, yea, we're still talking about stuff like, Gatorade Rain, or milk Pocky >.> Anyways, it's not good to dwell on the little, painful stuff of the past . . . So, umm, here, randomness.

*Note to Astro: I'll have you know, I wasted a good amount of time trying to find a gif more random and hilarious than your leapfrog one, but I guess you win this round :P

So, links and stuff, right?

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