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The Graveyard Shift: Giving thanks for the glitches...

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Hey-o my fellow TAYers! Nach Here back on his usual nocturnal shift! And cause I'm the coolest TAYer around here (may not be true), I will bring you a bag full of interesting topics to talk about during the Graveyard Shift, but before we jump into discussions...

Our TuesTAY round up!

Today was a busy day for being a holiday week over here in TAY, we started our day with Zarnyx showing us how to prepare the Pumpking Gooey Butter Cake, then the resident Furby asked us about Our contributions for Thanksgiving, I had a foolproof plan but Kinja shattered it by not letting me post the pictures for my contributions and thus my plan to conquer the world through my cooking failed... (Damn that Kinja!), and Jollyboots takes over TabletopTuesTAY with a story about Snow and Pyroclastic Dragons!

And now... our topic for the day...

With the recent rapture/ascension glitch that is wandering around, it got to me that nowadays games are more buggy than ever, specially if it is a sandbox game, it's understandable creating a universe where so many events happen at the same time make the job of maintaining order a much more difficult task, there are ugly game breaking glitches, and the funny ones like Cougar Man and Donkey Lady from RDR, or the physics engine going crazy as a giant sends you into orbit in Skyrim, so my question for you is...


What's your favorite bug/glitch from last generation?

For our second topic I was wondering how's everyone doing with their holiday shopping, that includes TAY Secret Santa... are you waiting for the right moment to head out and get the best price and in the process deal with thousands of other desperate buyers? Or did you manage to get what you wanted before this holiday season before the madness? and if so... what are your plans after the Thursday feast is over? I will probably stay home cause I don't have anything to buy, I already ordered my Secret Santa gift, and all I need to do is re-wrap it and send it over ^.^


So that's about it! feel fry to talk about our topics for the night... or maybe don't, just talk about anything else cause this is the Graveyard Shift ^.^


Be sure to check all these interesting trinkets from our fellow TAYers:


The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your sleepwalking habit nor is responsible for causing insomnia, if you can't sleep, it's better to pay a visit to your family doctor! We also won't be held responsible for your early morning procrastination! But more importantly have a happy thanksgiving preparation day... and please don't be like Bart!

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