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Tonight's Shift... Move Sports?

Remember that craze couple years back for motion control? If I remember correctly (I don't) it all started with the Wii having motion controls. Which lead to the PS3 move, and the famous Xbox Kinect. A road to nowhere later, and Star Wars dance game later, not much came of it.

I only recall having fun with Sports Champions, but not because all the inside sporting. Rather for that one game where you could just bash the the cheating AI. The Gladiator Duel event. Which pretty much outshined the rest of the games in terms of 'fun'. Because who doesn't love a good sword fight?

But that is the only reason why I ever played a game with a motion control function. In a way you could see how limited it was, but also the potential had they kept supporting it with just better ideas like the gladiator game than rehash sport games. Could you imagine Demon's Souls, and DS 1 & 2 had move functionality? Maybe....anyways, What do you guys think on how the whole motion functionality? Has it let you guys down? Is there a game you wish you could have some sort of motion control over? Well, whatever you choose to do, feel free to ignore everything I wrote, and talk about life, and other game new (Like E3). So TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

Yup, F-U-N....

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