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The Graveyard Shift: Go Innawoods Edition

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Why the hell are you here? Seriously, what is wrong with you? Haven't you heard?? That Ebola outbreak on the news? They're all lies!! It's happening. It's actually happening. You know what I mean. That thing that, as gamers and geeks, we've all been hoping preparing and studying for. The zombie apocalypse! So, quit wasting your time here, and go innawoods, punk! Prep yourself. Arm yourself. Save yourself!



Did you click the thing? Yea? Ok, good. Now let's go over the situation.

Reports indicate that the zombie onslaught is rapidly moving on across the nation, and rapidly diffusing from their origin points, pictured above. Now, we're still in the early phases of the outbreak, so the general population isn't even aware of the scale of doom and devastation that we're facing, and that's good for us. Why is that good for us? Because, once the government declares it an official emergency, and the media starts warning people, it's going to be chaos in the streets. The goal is to be prepared enough to last the first 3-5 days of the riots and the outbreaks out in remote location in the woods, and then be able to head back into town and the major city areas and raid whatever the looters and the army left. So, go ahead and make sure you're ready.

- Make sure you have enough food and water to last for 3-5 days. This is like a family camping trip, except everyone's life is on the line, and there's no Walmart detours, got it?

- We're all different folks, in different locations, so make sure you got the essentials to make do in your area. Bring proper clothing and tools, and try to foresee any weather factors. You don't wanna find out about hypothermia the hard way, do ya?

- I won't sugarcoat it, it's going to be a warzone out there. Forget the zombies, you gotta be able to defend yourself from rogue thugs and petty scum. You also gotta make sure you don't get caught by a bear with your pants down. I don't care what you think, that gun won't serve ya any good against them.

- Up until yesterday, you were just like everyone else. Today, you're a fighting survivor. And those aren't made in the snap of a finger. So make sure you only carry what you need, and nothing else. Anything you can't pack up and carry on your person in the case of a raid, is dead weight. Try not to end up like it.


Got it? Good. Hope to see you out there, if you make it . . . Good luck everyone. And good hunting.

Ok, so, hi everyone. Figured I could try and make our Graveyard Shift a little more fun today, and totally ripped off this idea from some other fine internet folks. Basically, just go and make yourself a loadout on Innawoods, click the "save image" button, and upload it on here. See if you'll survive the outbreak :P Oh, and, inb4 "I'm from across the pond, so I can't have fun". No. =_= Just make a load out and have fun.

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