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Tonight's Shift...Or should have been done..

Hey there! Welcome back to the weekday grind to the weekend...again. But do not fret, only 453,600 seconds till then!

So this weekend was a bit of handful. And some of you probably had your hands full as well. With errands, stuff you want to do, and totally not doing in papers last moment ... >_>;

Is those crucial moments where the thrill is!

So fellow citayzens! Did you have the time to get your act together this weekend? Where you able to get on it like some kind of barrel throwing gorilla? Maybe you got that time needed to do that life changing project you wanted to do?


Or maybe you would do it ne.. nex-...never.

Welp! Whatever your motivation level is, feel free to ignore my rambling. And talk about life, games, food, and whatever your heart desires.


[Vid by artist/animator Jeremy]

"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for the actual stuff you have to do..."