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Hello hello my fellow TAYers! Nach here covering for Mr. Kluge, Since I didn't have anything in mind for today our topic will be food related, cause food talk is easy... and yummy ^^; but first let's check our MoonDay round up!

MoonDay Round Up!

So... the topic for today...Homemade quick dinners! The story goes like this, I was super hungry and super lazy, today has been one of those days you don't want to do anything, so I spent most of the day being a lazy sloth, doing nothing, I even fell asleep from 5 to 8PM >.<... but then my body asked for food... and I needed to satiate that hunger immediately, otherwise I would have gone on a rampage and eat everything in my sight! So I quickly heated water, threw the pasta, defrost the sauce and prepared baked Fusilli with lots of mozzarella and bolognese sauce! Bam! 20 minutes later dinner was served! And it was heavenly... had two servings of it... now I can go back to sleep... or maybe not...


So... fellow TAYers what's your favorite homemade quick dinner?

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