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Futurama... The genius creation by Matt Groening and David X Cohen, is no more (again), to be honest, when I first laid my eyes on Futurama I didn't love it as much as I loved the Simpsons, I did watch their episodes but never followed the series, giggled at some jokes yet in the end it was never that special to me. It wasn't until their first cancellation that I got a bit more interested, but it was a hassle to follow it, mainly cause Fox of Latin America were always donking up the order of the episodes, constantly changing the time slot, plus they didn't even broadcasted the last season of the first run.

"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all"

Eventually they started broadcasting that last season years after it aired in America, and I caught up on the tearjerker Jurassic Bark, just thinking about that episode... the feels ='( The Farnsworth Parabox "In my experience, boxes are usually empty, or maybe with a little cheese stuck to the top. And one time, pepperoni. What a day that was!" and The Devil Hands Are Idle Playthings The feels again... only not as strong as watching Hachikō... erm I mean Fry's dog wait for him in front of the pizza parlor for years ='( (aww man... gimme a few minutes)...


I'm not crying... It's just been raining on my face

So I forgot about Futurama for years, until the surprising news that the series were going to be picked up by Comedy Central. And what a glorious return it was! 52 new episodes of my favorite New New York delivery crew, they even managed to deliver some classic episodes...

"I'm not sure... I'm afraid we need to use... MATH!"

But alas... all good things always come to an end, and Futurama was cancelled for a second time, six days ago Comedy Central aired it's last episode, where the series even made a joke offering alternate ways to air new episodes...

So while we wait for a second Re-Birth let's recall our favorite moments of all the 140 episodes of the criminally underrated series...or... Just talk about anything else cause this is the Graveyard Shift ^.^


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