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Welcome to the Graveyard! You can call me Kami, God, Supreme Being, Morgan Freeman LoL Cats or whichever Deity you wish to see.

Give me a moment while I prepare, in the mean time, feel free to check out the following:

Tonight, I'm going to let you live another life and once your journey is complete, you will wake up as if it was all a dream. After all, even the powerful can become bored and curious.


The rules are simple:

1) You will live the life from beginning to end, you will experience all the highs and lows.

So, let say you're Wolverine, you will feel all the cuts, all the love lost, all the victories. And should he never die until the end of time, then your soul and journey will not end until then.


2) When you live out this person's life, all your action are predestined. Though you will retain the knowledge of who you are, you are not in complete control.

If you choose to be Peter Parker, you will become Spiderman. Which brings me to rule 3.

3) Should you experience off the script moments, you'll have more free rein however you are not permitted to alter the person's fate. If you attempt, the universe will correct itself.


Let say you try to end the life of a character before his said time is up, or stop yourself, as Peter Parker from being Spiderman, a series of events will make sure said event will happen.

4) If the live is a being that reincarnates, then you will be trap in that reincarnation cycle. Whether you wish to be in that or not, that choice is yours.

5) If you choose to be someone like Mario, you only get 1 life. In this scenario, you have more free rein as to how you choose to live but your goal is still clear, save Princess Peach. However, since Mario does not age, you cannot escape unless you commit suicide.


6) You cannot commit suicide if you choose an ageless character say Ash Ketchum. You will forever be a loser. Smell ya later if you choose to be him.

So tell me, who do you wish to be? And once the name is spoken, may you have the journey of a lifetime or multiple lifetime.

Phew, now that's all over, why don't you check out some brochures on the way out.