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Guys... I think I’ve lost my gamer mojo. I’ve playing Fallout 4 since Sunday morning and not once have I felt any kind of emotion towards the game. On one hand it’s great to have another sandbox with a bunch of places to explore, on the other... Blergh it’s just another sandbox with a bunch of places to explore.


The thing is, in the 30 hours I’ve played nothing special has happened in the game, I don’t care about my son being kidnapped, and apparently nor does the voice actor of my character.

I hate that finding Dogmeat is no longer a special moment cause he’s forced to join your party right at the start of the game. Yet, for some strange reason I feel bad to leave him behind because I’m a stupid person that has feelings for a dog that doesn’t even exists!

The crazy occurrences that would happen all the time in FO4 and NV are gone... or if they exist I haven’t been able to find those funny places. Seriously the people in this game are not as quirky or bizarre as they were in previous titles. Maybe it’s a Boston thing?

Of course, not everything is negative. First of all... I’m still playing the game and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon. But man, doesn’t the whole experience feels like a drag! I’m wishing that the few good things I’ve found so far outweight the issues I have with the game...


Tonight’s topic: Which 2015 title has disappointed you so far? Do you have hopes that the game can turn the tables and win your heart?

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