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Nothing like burning your mouth with boiling hot coffee in the morning, amirite guys? That's how I started off my morning after an unfortunate encounter with temperature. It's a shame I probably can't sue over it, huh? Well, no biggie. After all, I do have a nice slice of blubbery pie in front of me! And it's so tasty and juicy, it just makes me forget all about my worries. And that, ladies and germs, is the topic for today. Food you just like to enjoy with a cup of cold and non-lethal coffee after a long day at work/school/sitting around on your ass doing nothing.

I've actually never really been a pie person. Since fruit, and all that. Ugh, disgusting healthy plant matter. Yuck. But after a long day yesterday, I was in a random sort of mood whilst deciding what to have for dessert, and decided to go a little crazy with some pie. Oh my god, it's the best thing ever ><

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