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The Graveyard Shift: Ice Cream Edition Returns!

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Hello there TAY! It is well known around TAY (and in real life too) that I love food... there's like nothing better than stuffing your face with delicious food, right? and if there's one thing I really love more than food in general, it's ice cream (and chocolate... and cookies... and cake... and pizza...) ^^;


I guess my love for the frozen dairy-based dessert comes from very early in my life. My grandfather worked at an ice cream factory back in the 1920s. Throughout his life he worked at the same plant... and for a period of his tenure, he worked in the mixing the ingredients for various flavours of ice cream.

Fast-forward to the 1990s... during the summer days he'd call all of his grandchildren to help him make ice cream... oh man that was so exciting back when I was a kid! He'd start by teaching us how to mix the milk, eggs sugar, salt and vanilla to create the base for the ice cream. Once it was ready and pasteurized he'd pour it in a tin container that was inside a wood barrel with lots of ice; he'd attach a huge rotating machine on top and then we waited... hours and hours. I never understood why that process took so long... until I took the reins of the ice cream crafting in the family, you see ice cream needs air to gain that rich and creamy texture; and it's through that slow process where the right amount (and size) of air pockets are added into the mix.


That ice cream used to taste so good! It was quite a particular flavour... I need to check his recipe book and try to make it one of these days :P

So yeah TAY, we could talk about your favorite summertime activities, or ice cream... or you know just talk about anything!


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