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The Graveyard Shift: Icon Edition

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I don't know if you've realized by me constantly talking about it, TAY, but I'm barely able to contain my excitement for the new Kirby game tomorrow. I've been a long time Kirby fan ever since I was super little and I got my hands on the very first game. The game was just so cute and happy and so easily accessible that I just instantly fell in love, and I've clung to the series like mad ever since.


I even have a Waddle Dee plush on my head as I'm writing this. Inspiration through osmosis and all that, you know?

Anyways, coincidentally, this was also the very first game I got through all the way, and I actually managed to do it at church. I wasn't in a service or anything, but there was this period between Sunday school and the regular service where families could reunite with their kids so they could all go over to the service together. It lasted about thirty minutes, which was plenty of time to try to kick King Dedede's butt—a boss who had been troubling me for hours the day before. And about five minutes before we had to start making our way over, I finally did it. I beat that dumb bird.

To be honest, I barely remember the credits sequence. I was too busy running around and letting everyone know that I beat it—especially my older brother, who didn't think I'd ever beat anything at the time.


Strangers smiled encouragingly at me as I showed them my Game Boy, but they probably weren't too happy about the interruption. Besides, they were probably scared; I'm pretty sure that any 6-year-old kid flailing around that enthusiastically at church was intimidating. Of course I was intimidating! After all, I had just killed a giant blue penguin... and I'm pretty sure that a Star Rod fell on top of a fountain or something. Who else from that church could really say they did anything of that caliber, hmm?

So what about you, TAY? What are some noteworthy childhood icons of yours? They could be from cartoons or children's shows (like Reading Rainbow) or whatever else you want. Let us know down below.


No childhood icons, huh? Well then, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Thursday Graveyard Shift is now open!

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