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Tonight’s Topic: I should be way too mature for this, BUT I’M NOT

Okay ‘fess up - we all have something that we should be far to matoooooor to enjoy but we secretly(?) love anyway, right? Something perhaps aimed toward a much younger demographic that for whatever reason appeals to you and holds a place in your heart even though you are a full-grown adult who should by all standards be far above such childish nonsense?

I - AHEM - I mean, I have no personal experience with this, and I definitely do not have a permanent soft spot in my heart for a certain militant frog, but how about YOU? Are there any games/tv shows/anime/characters that you love beyond all measure even though you are wayyyyyyy beyond the target demographic? Do you try to keep that more or less under wraps, or are you in the same boat as those 45-year-old women who proudly sport Winnie the Pooh merch on the regular?

Not willing to confess? Ok ok I see your game but you’re not fooling anyone, friend-o. Whether you want to dive into the topic at hand or grace us with whatever randomness is on your mind, the Graveyard Shift is now in session!