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What's up TAY how's everyone doing tonight? Huh?! What's that... you're wondering where's Neryl? I swear I haven't done anything to her, blame Florida Man or Z >.>...

Anyway I wanted to change the classic formula of the shift for tonight, and came up with this silly idea...

You want to introduce your favourite game to a friend of yours, but theres a caveat, he/she is not very enthusiastic about games, instead he/she is one those hipsters (like Z) who love music more than anything. So you think to yourself "what if I create a playlist of the 5 songs thst best represent this game/franchise..."


So for tonight TAY, let's try to sell our favourite game by choosing those five songs. There's one small thing though... could you all please refrain from posting the youtube videos... this way Kinja won't crash in a pretentious explosion of epic proportions, instead hyperlink the videos on the title of the songs.

From Banjo-Kazooie, excluding the main theme, which is sweet as honey:

Gruntilda's Lair

Freezeezy Peak

Mad Monster Mansion

Rusty Bucket Bay

Click Clock Wood (Spring)

Even after all these years the Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack has not lost its charm on me... if only there were better versions of all these songs with real instruments...

Oh Nuts & Bolts... Banjoland's theme was the only good thing you ever brought us T.T


Don't feel like working your way through youtube to search the songs? Can make up your mind on which is your favourite game? Then just talk amongst yourselves ^^

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