I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Graveyard Shift is looking for willing heroes or Villains with time to spare!

Well I did mention on the sign-off how the end is nigh for the Graveyard Shift, but apparently after discussing about it with the GS crew, now I am having second thoughts >_>;


So this is something that should have happened a while back, but since being reluctant about it....well here we go.

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Director Lum Lum...

*Only thing is that Sylverfyst is the Hulk, becuase his body is always ready; fabulous.

So yes, currently its:

  • Kluge
  • Nach
  • Neryl
  • Sylverfyst
  • TuT
  • JollyBootsOfDoom

^So what days do you guys want? And which of you would like to rotate or be back up?


As of now we could keep going, but being able to rotate a week off or even having TAYter tots back up would be appreciated ^^;

So basically consider the following before lending a hand...What time zone I am in? Will this get in the way of my studies(ಠ_ಠ)?


If you can...

  • To rotate in the weeks
  • To be a back up or once in a blue moon you do one.

That's all for now will update as we go along. ^^;

Update#1 - Update#3

  • Kluge: Mondays
  • Nach: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays | UI 2.0: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays
  • TuT: Wednesdays
  • Neryl: Thursdays
  • Sylverfyst: Fridays

Back up & alternatives: Okay, you guys have free range on what to write so just as a tip, don't over think >_>, the off-topic is just an ice breaker. Also feel free to ask any of us, if you want to take over for a nigh once in a blue moon.


The back up, welcome to the Graveyard! ^^ Appreciate it!

  • kcet
  • Aikage
  • DocSeuss
  • Monetary Value?
  • Astrokid248
  • Zarnyx

Update #2 : Astro =/

Also, if you want to rotate like UI let me know, and some feed back about this so far would be appropriated...>_>


Update # 4: Zarnyx

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