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Hi there TAY ^^ Today's Graveyard Shift is dedicated to a certain monsieur that goes by the name of Cheroror! He's such a nice guy, let's give him a round of applause and maybe a burger or two!

But honestly who doesn't like a burger? ^^ All the games I've played recently feature a burger as part of their recovery items... don't believe me ? Professor Layton had a mini game where you had to build the perfect burger, and two little burger cherubs aided you in your quest.


Earthbound... had the infamous dumpster burger! 100% Beff! It was either search in the trash can or pay an overpriced burger at the joint.

Ni No Kuni and of course Fantasy Life have burgers as part of the many items you can cook in those games! Heck you need prime meat to cook those... and there were many ways to mess them up if you didn't have the skills to prepare them.


(Well it was a fishburger... but there's definitely Juicy Burgers in Fantasy Life!)

Thinking about it... I think the guys at Level 5 love the marvelous combinations of buns, beff, and veggies. Only a Chero doesn't like a burger...

So yeah let's talk about your favourite foods that have been featured in a video game... or maybe not. If the topic wasn't your cup of tea then... feel free to talk about life, other types of food, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Tuesday Graveyard Shift is now open!


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