I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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It's over... I mean the end of the month, so January is gone... the worst month of the year is over! Time to celebrate! February goes by pretty quick and then winter is over! Back to the sunny days and yada yada yada!

TuesTAY Round Up!

So since January is the month for the New Year's Resolutions I wonder... were you able to keep yours? In my case... I never made any resolutions so... yeah I guess my record is intact! But to be honest this month was pretty active, from train, planes and automobiles, I have found lots of new music, been watching new shows, and exercising a lot thanks to the Run Club, plus starting to plan for the near future!

How about you my fellow TAYngerines? How did lady January treat you? Are your resolutions still alive?


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