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The Graveyard Shift- Just Chillin' Edition

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Hows it going guys? Kcet here, I’ll be your host tonight. I’ll be at work by the time this goes up, but I’ll try to reply here and there if I get the chance. Elsewise I’ll respond once I get off of work, which is after 12 for all you kids on the East coast. It’s Thursday, the day right before your weekend! (For some of you at least.)


Anyways, so with the weather finally seeming to start being Fall-ish finally (it was overcast and rained slightly yesterday, after having days of 80+degree weather), I was thinking about songs that are really chill and you can just kick back to, or just songs that will mellow you out. Me being the weirdo I am, some songs that can fall into the category for me would technically anything but “mellow”, but for the sake of simplifying things I’ll just go with some mellow songs for your weekend. (Alternatively: mellow songs you might listen to on a nightly drive or some such)

Dive Into The Mellow- Sonic Adventure 2 Ost

Reflection Eternal- Nujabes

Psychobilly Freak Show- Wet Ost

So post some of your chill songs below. If you don’t want to, chat about your day/upcoming plans/whatever you feel like.

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