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Hey fellow TAYTANS! And welcome to The Graveyard Shift. The late night Open Forum.

Lets start with a different kind of digs from TAYclassic!

Tonight's Shift...Trolls

So last week it was a bit about doing stuffs for shits and giggles, but now the off-topic is TROLLING in general. Not quite sure what is trolling? Kinja upadtes, and Kinja eating your post, and having to re-write. But its either funny because its so ludicrous or just offensive and annoying as ffuuuu that everyone has to chine in. The latter is the encounter most of us have come across. But you really have to just let it go, and a few of you are just naturals >.>;


But when trolling is in games its hard to avoid, especially if you are on the receiving end. Half way done with that zone, and just about to finish? >A BLACK PHANTOM HAS INVADED, gawd dammit! Also don't get me started on Patches the Hyena .... yes even characters in games do it.

Or maybe your team mate likes to go trigger happy with the RPG and teamkills all of yous every time, and laughs.


Either way, can't see putting much when talking about trolls or it would be TL;TR and ain't nobody got time for that! So feel free to share your experiences in general or skip stuff to the best part! Where we get to read all about your awesome/shitty day or glorious video game exploits :3


There is a difference between a troll, and an asshole. Although not by much...

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, heartburn , writers rage, innuendo Tics, and not letting it just go bro.


*[Image source: The J Stands for Awsome! The Art of JEREMY OWEN]