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[Art by Junkboy]

Tonight's Shift... Building your own weapon of destruction!

Hallo freunde! Hope you all good and rested, as the night is young as sleep is overrated. 8 hours? Who yous thinks I am? Sleeping beauty or something?

Well she could sleep in till Friday though.... >_>;

Okay enough talk about the comatose, how about all that time I recall spending on building up the perfect weapon, ship, city, ect? Too much. Then again I loved it so... That's why I really enjoyed Luftrausers. Is very simple so it doesn't take much of your time, and the results are just silly old fun.


It's like asteroids, but all the asteroid have guns, and hot on your arse.

Quick blasting away at whatever comes your way before your kamikaze dive into a battleship or a blimp.


So to make it quick, and sweet. How much do you love customization in your games, and that feeling you get when your doom weapon just annihilates the competition or your character for that matter? Or maybe games don't have enough of that now these days....

Welp! Whatever you choose to share, feel free to ignore the topic, and just talk about games in general or life in the danger zone!



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