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So, one of the cool things about games is that they sometimes serve as a medium on which we can act out some of our fantasies, right? I mean, not all of us are ninjas IRl, so we may try to compensate by pretending to be one in Assassin's Creed games. So, what's something you've always wanted to do, but for whatever reason, couldn't really live out, and consequently turned to video games to fulfill? For me, it's fairly straightforward.

I'm not really a big movie guy, or even TV for that matter. But I definitely saw The Transporter, and totally loved it. There was something about Frank's independence, discipline and line of work that made me wish I could do something like that. And well, one of the reasons I'm so enthralled by GTA: Online right now, is because that world allows me to do something like that. I can be a professional bounty hunter/arms dealer/hitman that follows his own rules, cruises through Los Santos on a slick car, and does the job fast, efficiently, and without major concerns (Unless someone else is driving~). I like being able to check the map, assess the situation, and make split-second choices of how to engage and evade smoothly. And I like the simplicity behind taking out my quarry's tires and shooting a volley of rounds through the windshield, only to take off afterwards and receive notice of a large deposit to my account after completing the bounty mission. I like knowing that I have to take care of myself, and that I'm equally considered a threat to others just as I consider them a threat to myself. I like hearing their exclamations after a clean kill, or receiving word of a price on my head, because it means I've made an impression, and people know they have to be wary of me . . . Or find out firsthand why my bounty is so high. I'm not just some common criminal. I don't "pimp out" my car or weapons, and I don't like having unwanted attention on me. I'm just trying to do my job.

*sigh* If only playing GTA was a source of income :I