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The Graveyard Shift - Late Night Discussion - Hipster Edition: If Only Superman 64 had more rings!

Bonsoir! people of the night! and Bonjour to the people on the other side of the world!

Welcome to the Graveyard Shift!

No this is not a mistake, I am filling in for Neryl, who couldn't fill for JB since she's on a trip going somewhere fantastic! (I have no idea where she's at =/) I could say I am on a caretaker role for The Girlie Sho.... er-mm I mean The Graveyard Shift! I am your new grave keeper for the Tuesday shift, the ever charming and wonderful Nach, creator of amazing posts like.... like... umm TAY Time Chat and... The Triple SnackTAYku... Yeah that's right Nach will be taking care of the TAYveyard every Tuesday night, unless I get bit by a kid!


The Graveyard Shift Hipster Edition keeping you safe at night since August 2013!

Elaborating on what Crisco started in yesterday's Open Forum, tonight's theme will be about your dream game, now this is not another post of "What's your favorite game ever" nope, what I'm talking about is along the lines of describing your perfect game, IE: Superman 64 is my favorite game but I would have loved if the game had more ring stages!

For me my dream game has to be an RPG with a great script and a plot that doesn't take itself way too serious, it has to be silly and kindhearted, great music, and at least an interesting art style, it would be perfect it the adventure part of the game had platformer elements, I like silent protagonists, and could be set in space, a chapter of the game could have an air of horror survival!


I know I have described Earthbound in some way or another, actually I think Earthbound with some more polished storytelling could be my dream game! Something that Mother 3 did try, and in some places was successful while other times it failed miserably!


So, tell me about what your perfect game would be like, or if you believe that your favorite game is perfect as it is, then why don't you talk about your day, maybe you found a new favorite song today, just... just talk, don't leave me alone in this graveyard...

Also, be sure to check out some of TAY's fantastic features (and remember to watch up to Episode 6 of Ergo Proxy for tomorrow's Ani-Club) such as:


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