I'm really feeling it!

Buonasera! people of the night! (and Buongiorno to the people of the day!) Welcome to TGS!

No this is not a mistake, I am the new grave keeper, I am filling in for Neryl, who couldn't fill for JB since she's on a trip going somewhere fantastic! (I have no idea where she's at =/) I could say I am on a caretaker role for The Girlie Sho.... er-mm I mean The Graveyard Shift!


The Girlie Show (later renamed TGS with Tracy Jordan) not to be confused with TAY's TGS!

So, shall we get started?

OK, tonight it's a special one off night, no we are not going to discuss those one offs, but some other type of special moments that occur every once in a while, I am talking about Humbling Moments!


Have you ever had the opportunity to gaze up in the night sky, as you get absorbed in the vastness and grandeur of outer space you realize how small you are compared to that universe out there, unreachable packed with secrets beyond our imagination, next thing you know you start questioning your existence, and then........ Nothing, your mind is blank, WOOF! It surely is a wonderful and somewhat scary feeling! Nevertheless I believe that it is one of the most beautiful experiences I've had in my life. Being in the middle of the Andes at night, no light pollution, and a sky full of stars! It gives you a time to reflect ... or at least it takes most of the thoughts from your head, and you just stand there... being one with your surroundings... Until that wolf comes running at you and you have to run to safety! (I'm kidding there are no Wolves in the Andes!)


Recently I stumbled upon a wild animal, not with a wolf, but with a crocodile in the middle of the Everglades that told me that you can also have one of those moments that makes time stand still, you should pay a visit to that guy, he was pretty cool, like a cat's pajamas!


My point is while not rare, these moments are special anyways, so fellow TAYers what was your most memorable humbling moment you've had recently? Did you learn anything new about yourself while in that trance? Fill my hipster eyes with knowledge!

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The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your sleepwalking habit nor is responsible for causing insomnia, if you can't sleep, it's better to go to your family doctor! We also won't be held responsible for your early morning procrastination!

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