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The Graveyard Shift: Late Night Edition

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Neryl is busy playing Liar's Dice and floating in a pool of rum down pirate's bay and TUT is busy writing a TUTorial so I figured I'd just write the GS an hour and a half late. You know, for fun. I'll keep it short, tonight's topic is, "What's your favorite infomercial?"


I gotta say. Vince will forever hold a place in my heart. Not only was he the over the top charismatic mastermind behind such works as, "Slap Chop stole my heart," and "Sham Wow: Towel paper can go to hell." But his fall from grace is so pathetic and so....cringeworthy that it cemented those two products into my brain forever.

Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life

The story goes, that Vince met a prostitute in Miami, took her to his room. Things were going well when he kissed her and she bit his tongue. And. Did. Not. Let. Go. He punched her several times in the head to get her to let go then ran down to the lobby to have them call the cops. The cops arrived and he was arrested. He never sold another slapchop again.

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