I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Graveyard Shift - Late Night TAY: Open Forum

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Can't Sleep?! Does the internet have you under is passionate clutches?! Working on your final project?! Working?! Or did the day just get rolling on your side of the globe? Well this is for you, the Late Night/Early Birds/ Future Warriors!


Oh hey there TAY! And welcome to the nightly VANILLA edition of TAY: Open Forum. Hope you all are having a delightful work week... Well, really don't have much for today conversation other than the off-topic if you think you have the nads to for it.


Well just running on low power for this one (and kinda of burn out today >_<). But if you want to rant or release some steam from whatever reason tonight shift is set for that. Not necessarily have to be job or life related, it could be that one ass-hat you played against or with on an online match or some awful NPC.


Or rather, how was your day or your morning(you know who you are)?

Whatever it may be, its now or never!

  • And then Kluge lost his authorship ( j_j)
  • TuT has a new TuTorial for those who want to post!
  • Fill the TAYlendar!
  • TAYPhotoshop contest for the Open Forum.
  • The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, and being forever alone. Don't forget TAY for the TAY:Open Forum. Or TAYClassic for the old type of writting.

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