I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Got insomnia to the knee!? Does TAY have you under a time-loop?! Sleep walking cupcake eating contest?! If you throw up, you're disqualified! Working hard for the woman?! Or did the day just get rolling on your time zone? Well this is for you, the Late Night/Early Birds/ Future Warriors!

Hey there folks, how's your evening coming along? All hurdle up next to a burning fire of corpses that used to be your enemies I presume? Well, anyways welcome to this nightly VANILLA edition of the Graveyard Shift. Its just like the regular TAY: Open Forum of the mornings, only with less effort on my part..... What? >_>;

Well not lack of effort, just of topics, can't all be games, and (anime?) games. Well either way, once again hope you guys are enjoying what remains of your day. Even so with the hectic weeks coming up as all the kids, and kids at heart getting ready for classes(so undecided...). Or maybe its easy cruising for you who prepared early? Well feel free to talk about 3d life, and games. You could go on a rant or make everyone jelly with how super awesome your day was. As for me, I am kicking myself over and over for some how dropping my drivers license somewhere at a park.... ( ._.)


Or maybe you want to talk about the Schwartz?

Edit: Oh yeah the links below are pretty useful if you are new or returning from your self-exile.


The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, job loss, and for stuff... Don't forget TAY for the TAY:Open Forum. Or TAYClassic for the old type of writing.


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