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Welcome, my fellow gainsayers, to TAY's sombre corner of desperation. Where those who've past the point may rejoice in their misdoings, or experience a thousand promises of pain. Where those who stand alone may mourn, since they yearn for what they can't take back. Here is where the killing starts, and where only the sickest may survive. I am TheUnfathomableTruth, and I will be your Silent Observer for tonight. Just keep in mind, I have no tolerance for imperfection . . .

Wow, I totally went all out with that intro, huh? Actually, I feel a bit bad about it, especially since I don't expect most of you to get it . . . I'm being judged, aren't I? Awh man, I hope I didn't raise too many eyebrows . . .


But anyways, I'm in charge of the Graveyard tonight, and next Thursday. I'll be filling in for dear Ms. Neryl, who's away on a trip, so I hope you guys don't mind me being your host this time. And well, to continue off with my theme of "friendship" or whatever, tonight's topic for discussion is about Co-Op games . . . We haven't talked about this, r-right? But yea, I have a lot of fond memories of fighting my way through daunting odds with a good friend, or my younger brother. We've seen combat in the perilous bridges of Bespin, in Star Wars: Battlefront, which for the longest time, was my sole source of knowledge about the franchise. I also remember my time in the service of the UNSC, fighting off hordes of The Covenant, and conducting special operations in the dark streets of New Mombasa. Or how about a quick match of Rock Paper Scissors in a devastated Shanghai? Those were all nice, but the game I immediately think of when I'm asked to picture fun Co-Op games, is Resident Evil 5.

This game was and wasn't a lot of things. It probably wasn't "The Best" Resident Evil game, but it's definitely one of my favorites just because of how much fun I had playing with a friend, and with my brother. I could totally dedicate an entire article to this game, actually. And well, it's sorta special to me because of that. I've always thought that the fires of Co-Op battles forge the best friendships, and this is the sort of game that tempers that bond to a great finish.


But anyways, what about you guys?

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