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The Graveyard Shift: Lazy Viewing Recommendations Edition

Yooo, welcome to The Graveyard Shift! This is your nightly safe space to eat, pray, love, or just shoot the shit with your fellow nerds here on Talk Amongst Yourselves, Kotaku’s reader-run blog. Whether sticking to the topic at hand or throwing out whatever randomness is on your mind, hop on in!

Tonight’s Topic: Got a Lot of Time on My Hands Here, Help Me Out

Have you ever been stuck at home for an extended period of time, maybe while sick with strep throat or recovering from having your wisdom teeth out? Perhaps you left your first real adult job within the first three months and have a few weeks to kill before you start at your new gig? Whatever, the exact reason’s not important. Point is, for all of the runs and elaborate baking projects and coffee-and-bagel meetups there are still many hours left in the day, hours that can’t be filled with Fallout alone.


So the question is, what do you recommend watching on Netflix/Amazon Prime Video/Whatever? And I’m not talking just any old thing to play in the background, I’m looking for movies/shows that you have a borderline-unhealthy relationship with. Shows where, when you sit down to watch a single episode, you end up watching five in a row and omg how can it possibly be 2:30 in the morning already?? My most recent recommendations would be Master of None and W/ Bob and David, both on Netflix. What about you?

Don’t want to admit that you get sucked into a good movie or TV show just like the rest of us plebes? Ok cool, be that way. No no no, it’s fine you snob. ANYWAY. Whether you feel like sticking to the topic at hand or gracing us with whatever randomness you have going on over there, the Graveyard Shift is now in session!

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