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Let's talk about accessorizing, TAY. There's this new free-to-play game that Nintendo put out in Japan recently—I went ahead and made the gameplay of it the header image for the shift. Apparently, this minigame lets you earn all sorts of little badges or pins or whatever that you can then turn around and use to decorate the main menu of your 3DS.

Plus, it doesn't seem to be restricted to just Mario stuff, either. There's also some Animal Crossings pins and everything that you can go ahead and collect. While you can pay to play, you do get three free tries a day and it's all cosmetic, so it doesn't really do anything extra. I guess they just decided that Rusty was a success. Anyways, all this cosmetic stuff is kind of interesting, especially since they recently started letting you use the different wallpapers and stuff.

This is kind of the stuff I adore—I'm all about accessorizing my own stuff. I love having posters and art around, or just donking around with my desktop until it looks super nice and sleek (or just follows a theme I wanted).


So, TAYers, what kind of customizations have you made that you're proud of? Do you have a really cool desktop? Some nice posters on your walls? A nice case for your phone? Share your customizations down below.

But as always, if the topic didn't interest you, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Thursday Graveyard Shift is now open!

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