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Tonight shift’s... NEEDS & WANTS

Welp younglings it was been a good weekend for Amurika while it lasted, but now it is back to the week day grind, and so time again to pretend you’re working on something important. Is it Friday yet? >_>

Quick while the boss is not looking, look at that thing you want!

But you really don’t need....

Or do you?

Needs, and Wants. We all got ‘em, that little model kit, shirt, gun, model shirt gun Picard plate, or whatever it may be. YOU WANT IT!


But that price always makes you doubt whether you need it.

But HEY! Being responsible is overrated, and you go for it.

Because FUCK IT!

So for tonight off-topic of a topic..

  • Something you been eye balling for a while now, that you really want, but you don’t need... Or something you need, like scheduling a dentist appointment since yeah... meddles and fun...


But as awlays, feel free to ignore all of that. And talk about life, games, shirts, guns, food, and whatever your delicious hearts desire below!


In case you missed it, WAR were to occurred...

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for being a pleb who’s not into mech”