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The Graveyard Shift: Little Things

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I realized something the other day, TAY. I'm completely oblivious to some of the most obvious things.

For years, I've had problems preparing coffee. I use a Keurig coffee maker, and if any of you don't know how those work, you basically just put in a "pod," called a K-Cup, which is filled with coffee. The machine makes a cup's worth of coffee instead of a whole pot, so you can just put the cup there, go do something for a minute, and then come back and your coffee is done.

My problem is that I usually prepare my coffee, then go do something else, and then come back to it. By the time I do that, it's so easy to forget if I put anything in it. I usually just use sweetener, no sugar or cream or anything, so there's no real indication to let me know if I put anything in it other than to drink it, right? But I can't do that because of how hot it is from just being made.


Well, the other day, I was busy glaring at my cup because I wasn't sure if I put anything in the coffee yet, and then I realized that the bubbles were spinning rather quickly. It hit me all at once: if the coffee bubbles are still turning, that all but guarantees that I put something in it, right? Ideally, the bubbles should still be spinning pretty quickly in the cup from me stirring it.

So what about you, TAY'ers? Any little things that you've noticed recently that you never noticed before? Any obvious solutions to problems you've been having for ages? Let us know!


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