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The Graveyard Shift: Living Under A Rock

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H-hey everyone . . . h-heh . . How's everyone been? ^^; Guess I'm back, I think . . Hehe . . Again.


But yea. Been really busy, ish. I've lately found myself wishing the day had more than 24 hours so I can do everything I need to in one go. It's . . . it's not fun sometimes ^^; But eh . . SO, here I am, starting to try and catch up to the world one more time, since I've been living under a rock pretty much since last week. After the con ended, I ended up getting a little carried away with a hobby of mine, had to catch up on homework and studying for a test, and missed out on E3, and everything cool that's been happening. Meaning, all the hype, controversy and anticipation you guys have . . I'm missing out on. YEPP. All I know is some Zelda game is coming out, GTAV is on PC now, and and and Phantom Pain looks bloody. But other than that? Jesus, I barely know what day it is today . . .

SO, topic for the day is that, precisely. Think of something that you missed out on for a good while, and then had your mind blown when you caught up with it. Currently? Mine is SENDING GIFS VIA TEXT MWAHAHAHAHA. I don't even talk to my best friend anymore >:D Our exchanges are now watered down to gifs! Hooray for technology and human socialization in 2014! :D

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