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The Graveyard Shift *Loaf Edition - I Was Bread For This

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Tonight's Shift ... Not Really!

Hey Tayjams! So just 72+ hours or so till that tree in the living room becomes an irrelevant heap of kindle.


But lets not talk about that, lets talk about simulators! Been an interesting year with this one. No one though it would be possible, but it happened.

I Am Bread by the same folks that brought us Goat simulator. Top notch realistic game about being a goat, and now the harsh life of bread in its natural habitat; wherever that might be.

And not surprisingly from what I seen, IT IS REALLY HARD.

Not rage quit hard, the kinda hard were folks get angry but they just have to finish it hard.


Don't have much time for that though....even dough I would.

So just another short entry for tonight! Simulators! Fan or not? Or just not your bread and butter? Well maybe...but do feel free to share whatever you want for breakfast aside from toast in the comments below.



Sweet Jams Yo!

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