I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello, and welcome to the Graveyard Shift! Hosted by Kotaku’s readers-run blog, TAY! A place to talk about anything, be game related or life! So feel free jump into the ice breaker topic or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Visit AniTAY for your animu needs or the random blips of TAYCLASSIC. Or join the TAY IRCand give some folks a shy five. Either way, this is for you! The Late Night/Early Birds/ Old-World/ Citadel Shoppers/Sickbed /Office Drones/ All-Nighter/ future warriors!


Tonight shift’s... A legend greater than the man.

Or at least that’s how issue #20 ends of the final comic installment of samurai Jack, which pick up were the show left off back in 2004....that’s 12 years ago...


Well hey potayters! It’s been a while since I hosted a night, was kind of busy drowning with university papers, and stressing like mad cakes.

OH BOY! I can’t wait to do that again in a couple of weeks... >_>

But anyhow, Samurai Jack is coming back, and dang looks like the story is finally coming to a close. All the homages, aliens, robots, scots, swords, guns, talking dogs, and classical movie like experience is coming back. But unfortually as some of us might be aware, Mako Iwamatsu (the voice of Aku) is no longer with us. That iconic laughter, and his overall sweet story teller voice around will surely be missed. But were will the story take us? That trailer is one big clue if you haven’t noticed.


Anyways Just excited it’s happening.

So Fellow Tayterjams!

  • Talking about comebacks, what do you feel needs to comeback? Like franchise wise, and not Zubaz pants wise. Perhaps you look forward to the future where Mechs, and space vacations are a thing.
  • Or maybe as FF7 is getting a remake, what game needs a remake to fill that void left in that inner kids heart of yours? For me is Ring Of Read, and a new Zeon V. Fed style game. Cuz dang....
  • Or perhaps you’ll like to talk about the... weather? You’re such a weirdo.

But anyways feel free to ignore all that, and talk about whatever your heart desires, be games, life, food, or Christmas angst!


Except for the weather though... you weirdo.



1st Episode, Jack is thrown into future with a Cyberpunk theme, and the legends begins. Were will Genndy Tartakovsky take the show come 2016? Dummo but look forwards to it.

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for promises you can’t keep ”

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