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Tonight's Shift... Late Night Random Forumness

Well only an hour or so before we finally can say good bye to summer 2014, and HELLOO SUMMER 2015! (⌐■_■)b

So hey TAY! Its the last night of summer! No more time to for fun over hill, and under hill for summer shenanigans. But do not fret, Fall is here! And if you're fortunate to watch the leaves turn a wondrous orange and wither away in the never ending cycle of life. Then GAWDANGIT, I AM JELLY! Eternal sunshine is the worst... >_>;

So, with Autumn practically here. Are there any adventures(or anything really) you might be looking forward to in a... lets say conveniently timed break? Or are you just gonna go back to reading a book about fifteen dudes on a quest to throw an awesome surprise party?

No? Welp then enjoy the Randomness of the album below, and whatever you do choose to do. Feel free to talk about life, games, your body being ready, and whatever you feel like sharing.


TAYdies And GenTAYmen, here is Random Access Fhqwhgad

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