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The Graveyard Shift *Memories II Edition - Looking Back

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Tonight’s Shift... Good Times

Just realized the Dreamcast controller is crying...

Aside from that, consoles! Not the ones you plan on getting or was first and what not, but something deeper.


Cherished Memories.

Although the NES was the first console my brother and I got, it was the PS2 years later down the road that brought us a bit closer to one another. Where we would play Tekken against one another, would take turns playing Onimusha to solve puzzles or watch the other one fail. Or fight together against the Gundam in the void of space. And sometimes yell at him for playing the same dang song in Guitar Hero. We shared that consoles, and we always had made up our minds on what games to get that we would be taking turns or play together.

It was nice, and even though we are moving on with our lives, the PS2 is still hooked up. And once in a while we turn it on, and play some rounds for old time sake.

So Tay...

  • What console has some sort of cherish memories? Did it hep you out from a rut? Brought you and your siblings together and is something you guys do once in a while? Or maybe you are PC master Shrek race...

Well Whatever it is, as always feel free ignore my rambling and talk about whatever your heart desires.


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