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The Graveyard Shift: Merry Christmas Edition

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Merry Christmas, TAY! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ok, I'll stop yelling, because I have the worst headache right now . . . But yea, today's December 25th, 2013, AKA Christmas day . . . For most of us, at least. So, how's the after-party going? Anybody else sorta stayed in and enjoyed the lazy day? I know I did ^^ I think that's the best part about the holidays, really. Once everything settles down, and it's just you, a bunch of leftover food, some old and familiar games, and just time to kill. Maybe it's just me, but that "post festive" period feels different. Kinda like a . . . satisfied or content moment of peace where life just goes by slowly. I dunno. I'm a pretty weird guy ^^; But yea . . . Leftover chicken is good, you know? Actually, you know what? Let's make that the topic for today. Leftovers. Who doesn't like leftovers? I'll be honest, sometimes I think reheated food is better than freshly cooked foor. It's why I always save a couple slices of pizza for breakfast the day after, and why I always have half of my meals at certain places to go . . Because it's just nice later on. It's weird, but it's as if food takes on new flavours . . . But yea. Christmas. How's everyone doing?

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