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So, how's everyone today? Slow week? Busy days? Yea, I know the feel :I Any plans for Friday? How 'bout the weekend? Yea, me neither :I I'm just kinda . . . sitting here, finishing off homework last second before I have to turn it in, and wishing the monsoon season kicked in finally. Tis the way of life.

Anyways. I was playing Watch_Doges again last night, and . . . kinda thought about something . . . What are some tropes in games that you just can't stand sometimes? Perks and unlocking skills? How 'bout huge level gaps and OP-ness? Heavy-type enemies that require an obscene amount of damage to be taken care of, despite providing no actual "difficulty" angle to the situation aside from their HP? I'd say that last one is a real kicker for me :I Like, seriously . . . Ubisoft, that's not how ballistic armor works. *sigh*