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The Graveyard Shift: "My, My, You Look Wonderful" Edition

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So . . . Christmas is over. People got presents. And life goes on. Yay. Today, I was talking to my friend, who recently got a PS4 (AKA for Christmas), and was telling me all about the new Killzone. Fun stuff. He called it "A bit refreshing" and "Looks gorgeous", and then he started comparing it to other graphically beautiful games. And then I thought "It's only going to get better" . . . "It's only going to get better" . . . Only get better . . .

You know, I've been playing a lot of Resident Evil 4+5 lately, and I thought about something . . . Those games have really aged well, visually, at least. Maybe it's because, as a humble console peasant, I don't really have much say in how good a game looks once I've bought it, but . . . I don't really think some of the more recent games look as great as we expected them to, necessarily. I guess a good example of what I mean is, compare the leap from RE4 to RE5, and then compare it to the leap from 5 to 6. It's kinda . . . It's nice to see how well 5's aged. SO, that's the topic for today! Games that still look surprisingly great after various years of "graphical decay".

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