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Hello my fellow TAY folk and cat lovers! for the second week in a row, I am covering for TUT... he's probably wrestling Jonesy away from the curtains in his house, typical Tuttles :3

Before we start with the Shift let's check what TAY brought us today:

So today's topic... Cats, yep I said it... cats, some people love them others hate them and today I'm talking about them! Last week as I was on my way to jog at the park, the neighbor cat threw himself at my feet and he wouldn't let me walk, this is the same cat that wouldn't let me open my front door because he was lying down there! So yeah they can be assholes almost all the time... reminds me of that Futurama episode when cats take over the Earth.

Anyway TAY, let's talk about famous cats, cats stories, cats in video games... anything related to them is valid, or just talk about anything it's the Graveyard Shift I didn't create it so I can't play the role of Dictator... unless I get rid of Kluge next time I meet up with him BWAHAHAHA! *cough cough*


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