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The Graveyard Shift: Nerdstyle Edition

Yooo, welcome to The Graveyard Shift! This is your nightly safe space to eat, pray, love, or just shoot the shit with your fellow nerds here on Talk Amongst Yourselves, Kotaku’s reader-run blog. Whether sticking to the topic at hand or throwing out whatever randomness is on your mind, hop on in!

Tonight’s Topic: Wearing Your Hobbies on Your Sleeve

If you’re here reading this it’s pretty safe to assume you’ve got at least one hobby that might be lovingly qualified as “nerdy,” right? Ok cool, SAFE SPACE. Do you own any clothing or accessories related to your favorite game/anime/comic/whatever? Have you ever bought or been gifted something incredibly dorky that you love beyond all measure but are perhaps too bashful to wear in public?


I only have one item that I’m too self-conscious to wear out to the grocery store or whatever, but other than that I have no issues letting my nerd flag fly, weird looks be damned. What about y’all? Do you tend to go on-the-nose (i.e. the word ‘Pokemon’ emblazoned across your chest) or do you favor subtle references that only a fellow dork would understand? Have you ever bonded with a stranger over mutual recognition of love for the same game? (The closest I’ve come was some guy yelling “MASS EFFECT!!!!” in my general direction when I was wearing my N7 hoodie, haha.)

Not ready to reveal the extent of your sartorial nerdiness? Ok fine, be that way. Whatever you want to discuss, the Graveyard Shift is now in session!

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