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I've playing the Sonic Adventure games for the last couple of weeks... I'm going to cut to the chase here, both games are terrible... one more than the other. While Sonic Adventure 2 is the superior title in every single aspect, it still failed to fix the biggest issue that the first game had, wonky controls and a camera that kills you more than the random crap in I Wanna Be The Guy.

Oh my Grod! It is infuriating! Today while playing the final act of Sonic Adventure 2, there was a rare moment where I was praising the game for actually delivering a meaningful experience. The Cannon Core level segments are well designed, it feels like the conclusion of a big adventure, the music is fitting, and the set pieces are actually awesome!


But then I got to the Knuckles level where the controls just would not respond, and combined with a camera that decided to stick into the wall and not give me a better view of what I needed to see was the breaking point. I yelled... "To hell with this game... I'll watch a let's play!"

I rarely get frustrated with a game, but honest to Grod, I have not enjoyed these two games. I just simply cannot have some respect for a game that the only reason I keep on dying is because some programmer couldn't figure out how to set up a decent camera system for the game. I'm not bitching cause the game is difficult or unfair, because it really isn't, I'm bitching because these games can be a broken mess more often than not.

That's my BAO for today, TAYers. Welcome to the BAYveyard Shift. Have any frustrating video game moment where you felt like throwing the controller at your neighbor? Do you hate me for not liking the sacred Sonic Adventure 2? Wel this is your space to vent your frustrations!

Been taking it easy lately? Maybe you don't need to BAO down to the nightly forum? Well then, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Wednesday BAYveyard Shift is now open!


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