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The Graveyard Shift - Not-So-Hipster Edition: Rare Gummy Venus de Milo!

Today I was talking to a good friend of mine about nothing, most of my conversation start about daily life and end up in a completely different subject, like this other day I was talking to her about what plans she had for the day, when she answers, "Oh nothing, just going to relax in the house, maybe watch some TV" so I started this stupid theory that if she was really the person she pretended to be, or just the work of an evil mastermind! And I threw the idea that maybe I was talking to a robot, and she said "but it has to be an adorable robot! like a Cat Robot", I exclaimed "A Catbot!"

"But then how are you writing back to me? Do they designed with a communications interface? Is this why whenever we play online you and I always end up in a tie? Your AI is designed to imitate my moves, heck! you even choose the same character I do! this is indeed the work of a evil person indeed!"


To what she added, "Well actually I was designed with opposable thumbs otherwise I couldn't play against you on the 3DS. It's the same reason why I can answer text you all the time". As you can see, this is the work of my mind when it's bored and with minimum feedback from another person anything can happen, from Catbots, to living under the bridge eating spaghetti with some Italian guys and their Nonna!.

Pretty much like any episode of The Simpsons (before the downfall), they always used to start with a certain event and ended up with a completely different situation, like the Ninth episode from their 6th Season, Homer: Badman, it opens up with a spoof on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, were Homer finds two tickets for the Candy Industry Tradeshow (Mr. Goodbar to the front desk, the front desk is looking for Mr. Goodbar!) while checking every Krusty Klump Bar (and Krusty KlumpBar with Almonds!) at the Kwik-e-Mart.


The episode ends up with homer being accused of sexual harassment against the nanny that was taking care of the children while he got his face sucked up by the Super Sour Ball (as you can see I've created a lemon ball so sour it can only be safely contained in a magnetic field!).

Sadly The Simpsons have lost a lot of quality after the 8th season, with a handful of great episodes for each season from that time to the present day. So without stretching this anymore, tell me about any memorable moment from the Simpsons back in their glory days, for me it happens to be that I was watching this episode today, so that's why I choose the crazy editing from the TV Tabloid Show Rock Bottom.

Or what about the always entertaining Hank Scorpio from "You Only Move Twice"?

Or you know... just talk about whatever you want to talk about, after all it's the Graveyard Shift ;) Plus those Simpsons clips are difficult to find! (Thanks FOX!)


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