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Tonight's Shift... Seeding ideas in your mind

Hey there! Chances are you're sitting or laying comfortably in your room, enjoying the comfort of a well needed break, and giving zero fucks whatsoever for the next week. Lucky...because for some reason our glorious sunshine state(or just my Univ) does it a week earlier than the majority of Univ going fellow chums. Kinda sucks, but oh welp!


So during the short break had the chance to pile on a few shows to an ever growing list of eventually/someday/maybe shows to watch. One was Steven Universe and the influences the show draws from. Some are subtle, and other aren't(image). But I enjoyed that, and how a generation influenced by the same shows we watched growing up has come to the forefront of what we might be seeing. So will most likely give it a go once I get a chance.

  • But I am sure we already had a discussion of this type, but what the hell. So fellow Taytertops, what has influenced you as you were growing up? A mech show, that lead to a love of cars? A talking dinosaur which helped you on a interest on archeology? Or maybe a cookie eating monster that introduced you to the love of cookies? What has influenced you?

Drawing a blank? That's okay. As always feel free to ignore my rambling, and talk about life, game, and why I am never on time... or am I? :^)



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