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The Graveyard Shift *o_o Edition - Trying New Things

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Tonight's Shift... Why Not?

Hey peeps! Welcome back to the weekday grind... >_>; *ugh* Is it Christmas yet?


Been on a bit of a slump, and writing papers has not been helping. So I found myself just going through the list of games my bro had downloaded, and decided to try out Dragon's Crown. Because...why not?

After going through the characters and a O__O later, decided on the Amazonian, and played for part of the day. Not bad, been a while since I played a side-scrolling beat e'm up game. Did not get too far, but stopped once allied AI kinda crowded the screen. So might go back to it, and play co-op. Weird thing how I would have not tried it if not for just being on slump, boredom, and a tight budget...

  • So fellow TAYers, played anything you though you would be just because why not? Tried something new you haven't had the time to do before?

No? Oh welp. For good or bad, feel free to just talk about whatever you fell like then, be life or games below ^^



"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for back pain.... "

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